December 7, 2018

“NeverStop” with Drake

It's time for Summer Never Ends round 2! This time with a Drake remix!

"NeverStop" is a flip of Drake's summer hit "Nonstop", with a silky-smooth old school vibe!

This one has been a bit more popular with people who've gotten a sneak peak.

There's also a remix visual made for Instagram!

And here's the full song out Soundcloud:

November 30, 2018

Summer Never Ends: A Collection of Summer 2018’s Hottest Tracks, Remixed

Summertime- a time when the days are long, events are aplenty, and hot new music is being released nonstop. And for a place like California, when the entertainment industry slows down after its 3-month hyper-drive, the climate sure doesn't. The sun is still out, people are still found frequenting the beach areas, and you're still hard-pressed to see people wearing jackets(at least the male romper hasn't made a resurgence).

But why does the music need to end? For many, 2018 is a year of growth, transition and tough lessons. Hard work , and meticulously searching for the silver lining within the struggles. But also, for so many of us, summer 2018 was one of lots of fun. One that will provide us memories for time to come.

Enter "Summer Never Ends"

As we move forward from these times, we embrace them and grow. We become new versions of ourselves- ever searching for the next challenge, obstacle, and experience, made anew over time.

"Summer Never Ends" is a re-imagining of some of Summer 2018's biggest hits, from the biggest veteran artists, to the esoteric niche ones, to the new kids on the block. There's something here for everyone: the big EDM sound, dance club bangers, old school slaps, and new-age avant-garde experimentalism.

And for the first remix, we have a song that busted the whole summer open. A sucker punch from out the shawdows from an artist nobody saw coming- and with it, a cultural conversation, a wild video, and a LOT of memes.

With no further ado, Childish Gambino's Summer '18 Slap, "This is America", flipped.

Here, the nostalgic feeling of summertime marching bands is illustrated. The madness of warm-up runs and showboating, gossiping and joking, all leading up to the collective powerhouse of a band acting in unison. Few people are lucky enough to experience the rush of being within such a fount of musical force, but it's something everyone can appreciate hearing.

And then the dance breakdown slides in like a Twitter DM.

Next week Friday, we have another drop! Keep your eyes peeled for it!